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Cardiac Catheterization

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Cardiac Catheterization is a procedure used to diagnose and treat cardiovascular conditions. During cardiac catheterization, a long thin tube called a catheter is inserted in an artery or vein in your groin, neck or arm and threaded through your blood vessels to your heart. Using this catheter, doctors can then do diagnostic tests as part of a cardiac catheterization. Some heart disease treatments, such as coronary angioplasty, also are done using cardiac catheterization.

Common Procedures


A test that uses dye and special x rays to show the insides of your coronary arteries.

Balloon Angioplasty

A medical procedure that is performed to open up arteries that have been narrowed by plaque.

Transcatheter aortic valve replacement

This minimally invasive surgical procedure repairs the valve without removing the old, damaged valve.