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New Technique to Cardiac Catheterization Procedure

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Interventional cardiologist Dr. John Wang, chief of the Cardiac Catheterization Lab at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland demonstrates a new technique to cardiac catheterization procedure by using transradial access.

Patients may need a cardiac catheterization if they are experiencing cholesterol narrowing’s in the blood vessels which may result in chest pain or even a heartattack. This procedure is typically performed through the femoral artery, but there is sufficient collateral blood flow to the hand to make the wrist an accessible location for catheterization. There is no risk of bleeding complications where the catheter is inserter so this technique is used to increase patient comfort and experience a quicker recovery. If the patient is in need of a stent, this can be placed through the wrist as well.

Link to demonstration video:

Dr. John Wang also discusses the benefits of transradial cardiac catheterization:



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