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5400 - EP Left Subclavian Shield

featured 5400 EP left subclavian shield

EP Left Subclavian Shield

  • Dimensions: 12.5″ x 16.5″
  • Sterile
  • Quantity: 15 per case

Protect you and your team from scatter radiation. The RADPAD® EP Left Subclavian Shield provides excellent protection during Bi-V pacing and other device implant procedures. Specifically designed to protect the physician’s hand, body, and head, the unique half-moon fenestration is large enough to allow easy access at the entry point, but small enough to block dangerous scatter radiation.

Available in four levels of protection as well as non-absorbent and absorbent fabric coverings, the shield presents multiple options. But, due to the close proximity to the beam and the high amount of fluids associated with the procedure, we recommend the Orange or Red levels of protection and an absorbent fabric covering.

When positioned correctly, the half-moon cutout is at the point of entry and the length of the shield extends toward the patient’s feet. The width of the shield covers the side of the patient down to the table top. The physician should always work
“in the shade” by keeping the shield between himself and the primary beam.

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