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5511 - Fenestrated Radial Entry Angiography Shield

Fenestrated Radial Entry Angiography Shield

Fenestrated Radial Entry Angiography Shield

  • Dimensions: 14.5″ x 16.5″
  • Sterile
  • Quantity: 15 per case

Protect yourself and your team from scatter radiation. The RADPAD® Fenestrated Radial Entry Angiography Shield provides excellent protection during any procedure with access through the radial or brachial arteries. During these procedures the primary radiation emitting area is the patient’s chest. There is minimal exposure through the arm as the physician only works in that area for a brief period of time. The picture at the left shows the optimal positioning of the RAPDAD® shield.

If the arm of the patient is extended out to the side during the procedure, the shield should still be placed on the chest. When positioned correctly, the length of the shield should extend toward the patient’s head and the width should extend toward the table with the top edge as high as possible without being in the primary beam. Care should be taken that the RADPAD® shield is not placed in the primary beam. Shield Folds down to permit oblique viewing.

The physician is close to the beam during radial access procedures so use of the “Orange” level protection is advised. However, every level of RADPAD® Protection offers more protection than using no shielding at all.

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